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S is for

The Silvertone brand in the USA was a product of Sears Roebuck and applied to phonographs and records. First introduced in 1916, all discs were single-sided, from Columbia masters. The brand was reintroduced at various dates through the 20th century

572A: single-face, 10" 1916

A product of the British Homophone Company in the mid 20s to mid 30s, Sterno was the successor to Homophone, Honochord and several other labels, and was generally of a reasonably high quality.It was named after comapny boss William Sternberg. Sterno introduced a number of 'big names' such as Charlie Kunz, the pianist and bandleader. Its red label only had three main styles of which the first two were almost identical featuring the label's odd logo of a lion seemingly enjoying a record. The company's catalog was jointly bought by Decca and EMI which split its matrix stock, and Homophone continued as a pressing plant but prohibited under the terms of sale from operating as a label itself

136B: style 2 label, 10" 1929


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