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R is for

Radio was an 8" disc produced in Britain from 1928 to 1931by Edison Bell. It was for light fare - but well recorded and made and generally much superior in sound to other contemporary small discs. There was only one series throughout the label's life.

098B: standard 8" series 1928

To meet the challenge of low-price German imports, the Columbia Co in the UK launched the Regal label in 1914 - ironically just as most German brands vanished due to wartime regulations. Most releases were of old Columbia material, but specially recorded sides were also issued. The G6000 series lasted until 1930 when it was replaced by the MR series (for 'magenta regal) in line with the major renumbering by Columbia. In 1934 the label was merged with Zonophone (qv) to form Regal-Zonophone (qv).

040A: G series, 10" 1915

040B: G series, 10" 1915

040C: G series, 10" 1930

Introduced in 1931 when Columbia and HMV merged to form EMI, this is a conglomeration of their respective 'budget' labels, Regal and Zonophone. The main Regal (MR) series was continued, as was its CAR matrix series. Its early green and red label (to represent both former imprints) was one of the most attractive of all, which can't be said for its plain red and gold successor.The label was extremely popular until the early 1940s when releases became very sporadic. It was also home to Salvation Army recordings on the MF label.

027A: main series 10" 1934

027B: main series 10" 1935

A mostly very high quality 10" disc produced by Crystalate in succession to its popular Imperial label. Over 2000 titles were issued in its main series before the company was acquired by Decca UK - but Rex continued, albeit on a lesser scale, up to the 1960s. The name appears to have been acquired by another party as it has recently appeared on CDs. On the acquisition, Decca adopted and continued Rex's matrix series as its principal one substituting the F prefix with DR.

044B: main series 10" 1935


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