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Still today one of the leading pop labels, Parlophone began in Germany (as Parlophon) in 1896 as an imprint of the Carl Lindström group prior to 1920, and was launched in the UK in 1923. It became best known for jazz and light classics; in 1927 it was acquired by Columbia UK and became part of EMI in 1931. In the early 1960s Parlophone became one of the world's most iconic pop labels and remains so.

022ER: UK first general (E5000) series 10" c.1923

022R5: UK main (R) series 10" 1952

022R6: UK main (R) series 10" 1956
Another company with complicated history; it began in Paris, and opened many international branches; the British one, Pathé Frères Pathéphone Ltd.,was acquired by Columbia (as was the entire European operation) and thus became part of EMI and the label remained current in France into the LP era. The American branch opened in 1914, but becaome insolvent in 1922, and the label was re-launched by Pathé Phonograph and Radio Corp.This was acquired by Cameo and thus became part of ARC in 1929; the label survived only one more year in the USA. In all countries, the early Pathé discs were notable for being vertical-cut (using a unique sapphire ball to play), inside-start, running at 90rpm, having etched 'labels' filled with cream paint, and being of various odd sizes.

205R: UK first-type paper label 11" 1920

Polyphon was a German maker of music boxes. It introduced the Polyphon record into the UK around 1912, though it was later renamed Pilot (to remove German connections in WWI) and had a short lived Kalliope variant.

304A: UK 10" 1911


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