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HMV is for

Gramophone / gramophone & typewriter / his master's voice
The Gramophone Company Ltd. was the sister company of Victor (until the mid 1950s) and was founded by Alfred Clark. It grew to dominate the UK market just as Victor did in the US, with main competition from Columbia, though generally the British market was more diverse. Records were issued under the 'Gramophone' tradename in the 7" size, the later 10" discs being named 'Concert' and the 12" records 'Monarch'. It was not until 1909 that the company began to use the iconic trademark it had acquired in 1897, and the discs were not actually named 'His Master's Voice until 1911. (MUCH more to come). It gets a page of its own due to the sheer number of label variants to be shown. Ironically, following the sale of the dog trademark EMI has reverted to the Recording Angel of the 1880s as its main mark for classical material.

014AB: G&T main series 10" (single-face) 1906

014AXP1: Gramophone Monarch pink "super-celebrity" label 12" 1908

014AXP2: HMV pink "super-celebrity"
label 12" 1909

014AXB: HMV blue label celebrity 12" 1911

014B2: HMV plum label B series 10" 1923

014B3: HMV plum label B series 10" 1925

014B4: HMV plum label B series 10" 1931

014E3: HMV black label D series, 12" 1920

014E4: HMV black label D series, 12" 1928

014C4: HMV plum label C series, 12" 1929

014C6: HMV plum label C series, 12" 1948

014BD: HMV magenta 'variety' series 10" 1939


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