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C is for

Founded by Archie Bleyer in New York 1952; the label closed in 1964 when the entire catalog was sold to singer Andy Williams. Its first artist Julius La Rosa had a special labl, as you can see..

924A: Cadence 10"
Perhaps the most influential and iconic of American postwar labels, founded in 1942, also the US affiliate of EMI for many years; though when the label was launched in the UK, it was through Decca, the agency passing to EMI only in 1955 (much more to come..)

024A: US popular series 10" 1945

024N: UK main (CL) series 10" 1954
(issued by Decca)

024O: UK main (CL) series 10" 1956
(issued by EMI)
COLUMBIA (UK, USA to 1938)
The longest running of all labels, despite a very checkered history in the USA; the Columbia Phonograph Co in New York supplied the workd until the formation of Columbia Graphophone Co Ltd In England and its merger with Louis Sterling's Rena (see Rena and Columbia-Rena)' the American and British companies were closely intertwined until 1929 when the US company which had gone through several sales and bankruptcy, was acquired by ARC. The histories diverge fully on the purchase of ARC by CBS in 1938, and post-'38 American Columbias are shown separately, along with the British equivalent, CBS Records. A vast history - we will add more, meanwhile see Wikipedia!

009Z1: USA 1906 single-sided 'black and silver' 10"
Columbia Phonograph Co, Gen'l, New York/London

price/conditions label on reverse of disc 009/1

009AD: USA 1915 standard 'A' series dark blue 10"
Columbia Graphophone Co, New York

009BB:USA standard 'A' series 10" 1919
Columbia Graphophone Co, New York

026X: USA main pop series, 10" 1949

009SD: UK main series 10" 1929

009TP: UK PX celebrity series12" 1930
Columbia Graphophone Co, Ltd.

009LX: LX classical series, 12" 1938

009LXX: UK LX classical series, special Henry Wood label, 12" 1938

009TB: UK FB 'variety' series 10" 1936
Columbia Graphophone Co, Ltd

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