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Decca Records was founded by Edward Lewis in England in 1929: the American branch, Decca Records Inc., followed in 1934. The two companies shared matirces, then in 1939 Lewis sold off the American branch to Jack Kapp; subsequently, US Decca masters were usually released in the UK on Brunswick and US Decca ended up with MCA. Subsequently, British Decca set up its own American operation, London Records and its pop subsidiary Parrot (qv). Eventually both companies were reunited in the Universal group. (This brief outline is only that and not intended to be more.

010-45A1, US main series, 1958

010-45B, US main series, 1965
This label from Cleveland, Ohio, specialized in polka music and related genres from the Balkans. It was founded by John Gayer. It had no commection with the Delta label of California, nor the UK classical music label of the same name.

906-45B: US series, 1969
Deram was introduced by Decca in the UK in 1966, initially for recordings made under the supposedly superior Deramic Sound System (Like Decca Phase 4 it was very much a 7-day wonder) but after a few 'easy-listening' issues it became a prime label for pop and progressive rock. In the US, Deram was distributed by UK Decca's London records arm.

019-45A: US series, 1967
Full history to come - originally founded in 1950 in Tennessee, Dot became one of the biggst players in the US record industry, concentrating on more traditional pop, gospel and country music, always avoiding rock and anything which might be considered adventurous or risque.. In 1957 Dot was sold to Paramount Pictures, which became part of Gulf+Western in 1968, the label was then sold off to ABC in 1974, and discontiuned five years later. Its success was largely built through the work of musical director Vaughn Monroe and country/gospel balladeer Pat Boone.

270-45B: US main series, 1968


Dunhill Records was launched by Lou Adler, then sold to ABC, New York.

120-45A. US main series (Adler-owned), 1966
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