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C is for

Perhaps the most influential and iconic of American postwar labels, founded in 1942, also the US affiliate of EMI for many years; though when the label was launched in the UK, it was through Decca, the agency passing to EMI only in 1955 (much more to come..)

024-45B: US main series, 1966
original logo, orange/yellow
A minor pop label from the 1970s , distributed by Bell.

835-45A: US main series, 1972
Not to be confused with Columbia/CBS with which it (at the time) had no connection), Colgems was the label of Columbia Pictures/Screen Gems and thrived in the mid 60s

821-45A: US main series, 1966


Detailed notes to come soon: the Columbia label in America started as the local sales agent covering CD and Virginia for the North American Graphophone Company in 1888; the Columbia Phonograph Co had an extremely turbulent histor, going through several buyouts and a bankruptcy before becoming part of the American Record Corporation, later acquired by CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) which was later bought out by Sony, which merged with Victor's successor BMG..... and so Columbia is the label name to have survived the longest. In our categorization system, Columbia US (code 026) refers only to the company after its acquisition by CBS, as that is the date on which it become totally separate from its UK equivalent. Code 26 also includes the CBS label issued in the UK post 1962.


026-45B1: US main series, 1965
non-serif title, red label, artist name left horizontal

026-45B2: US main series, 1968
non-serif title, red label, artist name left, sideways

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