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There are many sites set up by enthusiasts, devoted to the study and display of phonograph/gramophone record labels, some have a great deal of valuable informattion as to dates; we hope to add links to the best, as it wil take a great deal of time to build this page in 'spare time' as well as running a full time record company, restaurant, art gallery and gift shop as well as the phonograph room (and more!) So it will be a labour of love over an extended period.

The labels pictured here are taken almost exclusively from the author's own collection and there will be approximately 1500 in total, including variants. Labels are fascinating - they carry historical information, show what sort of music was popular at each era, and are often works of art in themselves. We will include basic information as we have it and keep adding....

Please note most of the labels shown are copyright images, and are reproduced under the scope of 'research and education' as part of our aim to preserve our recorded music heritage. No image may be reproduced from this site without permission. Commercial use would require the formal permission of the copyright owner.

Labels and the companies they belong to will be added at random! Non-UK collectors will note that from about 1917 and the passing of the Copyright Act, copyright clearance was denoted by affixing a 'copyright paid' stamp - very useful though also rather defacing many labels. This was replaced by most companies with printed text by the 1950s.

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FOR A VERY COMPREHENSIVE GALLERY of 78rpm labels, visit Ted Staunton's brilliant site
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