Atwater Kent model 427     shown courtesy of the owner (item on loan from Wolfgang Ziegler)


Made by the Atwater-Kent Mfg Co of Philadelphia, a cabinet floor-standing radio introduced in 1934.
It used 7 tubes: numbers 58,58,56,58,55,2A5 and 80.
It is a superhet design with RF stage, and has broadcast MW and shortwave/ police band – some models also had TV audio band (75-200m medium wave).
Other models such as the 427Q were offered as ‘farm radios' working from batteries, with different circuitry and magnetic loudspeakers (the ‘normal' 427 has a moving coil type).


the cabinet before cleaning
and after

the chassis as found...      
and af ter a quick vacuum and application of windex..
The set needs complete rewiring and at least one tube, then we'll see....