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This new site is STILL under development! Last update September 21, 2018. We are sorry about the lack of progress - too busy at the office......

The history of mechanical music in the home

The Phonograph Room houses our collection of vintage "talking machines" and is now located at Compass Music and Arts Centre in Brandon, VT. We are now expanding into more modern record players, tape recorders and early hi-fi up to 1970s, vintage radio and TV.

The collection is intended to be a modest working display, not just a static museum, and machines are in varying condition - several are to be fully restored and rebuilt. We will also be setting up a vintage recording archive with hundreds of 78s & 45s for sale, and phonograph-related prints and gifts.

OPEN FROM 10-5 Monday - Saturday. For tours advance notice is preferred if possible as we have to take time off from work to show you round.

The Phonograph Rooms are an ongoing development and are still being assembled. The main rooms are complete and we are busy trying to find more space for the growing exhibit.
Entry is $5 adult, $4 senior, $1 under 14
. Not suitable for children under 8. Parties welcome!
Free entry to Friends of Compass (remember to bring your ID card)

Personal demonstration and tour by prior arrangement: $10 per person

The Compass Center is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm - come and visit the new and acclaimed Sound Bite Cafe for lunchm coffee or a snack, and wander around our exhibits and stores. Compass is also the head office of Divine Art Records, a major international classical record label; The Treasure Chest store; four resident artists, retail gift/book/collectibles stores,. Fully accessible building. Under construction: phase 1 of the Otter Valley N-gauge model railway. NOTE: CLOSED SUNDAYS.

Do you have an old phonograph/radio/TV (pre-1970) taking up space?
The Phonograph Room is always pleased to accept donations of items, and accessories of any type relating to them such as old catalogs, ads, magazines, owner manuals, record cleaners and peripherals..... larger items can be accepted for display on 'permanent loan' as with most museums. We also want to build a team of helpers with skill in vintage electronics, cabinet working, and also to assist with guides and security. Let us know if this is you!

Please note: this collection is made up from donations from several individuals in the USA and UK. None of the items are for sale.


Records for sale:
until we set up our own sales page, you can see records for sale at - click here
Currently, we have collector's 45s. 78s/LPs to come too. We don't sell donated records, only duplicate copies.

The Phono Blog will appear at some point.
When we have time..

Just acquired:
A few new items include a donated Victrola VV-VI (see photos here..), and a mixed collection courtesy of a kind donor whuich includes a super Webcor Regent reel-to-reel recorder, Kodak and B&H movie projectors and camera and two classic TVs - a 1977 Zenith console (working fine) and a 1950 Majestic triple-combo (TV, radfio and record deck) needing lots of TLC.

We'll have a number of accessories and gift items for sale: first off check out our own souvenir brand steel needles in three tones

coming soon:
Gallery of Record Labels
vintage ads
78s for sale



Currently due to overwhelming gifts, we have to restrict acceptance of donations - for records this means items of historical interest - not 1940s pop.. basically our space is full...

We accept radios, old TVs (nothing plastic), tape and record players and phonographs of course: period accessories; also any old POWER supply transformers; the black boxes that supply DC, especially ones from portable radios TVs etc from the 1980s. Tubes, and any old components, so we can build up a spares and parts resource.




Managed by Compass Music and Arts Foundation, a non-profit corporation. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to rescue and preserve our recorded heritage.

The entrance fees and voluntary donations will help us to preserve a fast-disappearing part of our cultural heritage.

Donate by Paypal here or contact us.

Compass is on facbook
Compass Music and Arts Center, 333 Jones Drive, Park Village, Brandon, VT 05733 | 802-247-4295
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